7 Things Only Business Travellers Care About

Travel can open minds—and doors to business. For some, it’s a chance to go into ‘aeroplane mode’ and get much needed offline time. Then there’s those million-dollar ideas born mid-flight (okay—so it wasn’t your greatest idea in the end—but maybe it sparked a new direction). Without getting all existential, there are certainly great upsides to travelling for work. And, here’s just 7 things that make all the difference to the business traveller.

1. WiFi

Before you’ve rummaged through your wallet for your coffee stamp card (hey, even business travellers appreciate that 10th free coffee), you want to know the wifi password at the coffee shop. Wifi should be a basic human right, not a round of interrogation.

Same goes for the hotel, airport and business lounges you frequent. You need a baseball cap that says “show me the wifi.”

2. Loyalty

Why choose one airline, hotel or car hire service over the other? Duh, perks.

If you’re going to travel for work and spend personal time in transit instead of quality time at home with family, you want to be rewarded for doing so.

3. Lounge access

Lounges access equals seamless, pleasurable travel. Travel with showers, coffee the way you like it and food that doesn’t come in a packet. The lounge might seem like a very Instagram-able status moment for some travellers, but for the business traveller it’s a sanctuary. So dear fellow loungers, keep it quiet and don’t hog the power outlets.

4. Baggage tracker

You might not have thought of this one—but if you’ve ever lost your luggage and had to purchase an entire week’s wardrobe at an airport outlet store, you’ll be wanting to know where your expensive running shoes and lucky-t-shirt ended up. Look into the ‘find my phone’ equivalent for your suitcase. For less than $50 a GPS-based luggage tracker will give you a peace of mind, especially for international travel.

5. Feeling like James Bond

Not all business travellers are men, but for those that are into crisp shirts that also function as a secret weapon—you need a set of collar stays that double as a bottle opener, screwdriver and thread cutter. For when you find yourself in desperate need of a cold beer, or for saving the world.

6. Noise cancelling headphones

Say what now? Exactly. For when you need to completely tune out of your surroundings, or focus in your laptop—investing in a really dope pair of noise cancelling headphones could be the difference between your next big idea and your next big distraction.

7. Good food

There’s nothing worse than rolling to a new city late at night, ravenous, with no restaurants open past 9pm. Where even are you? Booking into a hotel with a late night menu is a must. Especially the ones that offer more than a burger and fries. If you are staying at a rented apartment or A‌i‌r‌b‌n‌b‌, see if your host can have some basic staples on hand, so you can arrange yourself a midnight snack if need be.

About the author:

Rachel Surgeoner is a travel enthusiast, lifestyle writer and good food & wine lover. Her quest for the world’s greatest sandwich has taken her from Berlin to Hoboken and beyond.