Less Work, Better Travel. Flightsuit is here to change your travel plans

Growing up, I loved the idea of being a business traveller—the thought of travelling around the world for your job was mind blowing to me.

Fast forward— I did end up travelling for business (and I still do), and lo and behold the experience has fell short of the dream.

The more I travelled for business, the more I started to fall out of love with it, and it wasn’t the travel, it was the chaos of organising travel. Once I got to the gate, I was okay, but I was leaving booking to the last minute and I noticed everyone around me was doing the same thing.

Sure, there’s plenty of ways to book travel. Whether you’re loyal to a human travel agent or go direct via your usual airline and hotel chain, there’s still research, lag time and wondering if you’ve got the best available option?

You do enough connecting of the dots on the daily already.

For me, it all came back down to that booking experience—if I was booking with an agent, they didn’t always share the enthusiasm I had for travel, they were just grinding out bookings—so what do they care about me and where I’m off to? And online the systems seemed like they were built in the late 90s—they were hard to use and took a long time. I found it genuinely frustrating.

Ultimately, I think business travellers just deserve something better—without sounding high and mighty, as a business traveller, I just can’t see the sense in having to spend 15 minutes making a booking online.

And here’s what we’re doing about it…

At Flightsuit we make booking travel simpler. At our core, we’re a tech company that has created a smarter way to book business travel—and we’ve made it as natural as ordering your morning coffee.

What makes us different?

You’ll be the master of your own destiny—our booking platform means you have all your travel and accommodation in one place and booking repeat trips becomes simple and intuitive.

You get the cake—our pricing is simple. $0 booking fees. No sign-up fees. No hidden markups. You get access to the most advanced business booking platform without paying any extra.

What’s in it for us, you ask?

Other than a pure satisfaction of a well-oiled booking platform making the world a better place one business trip at a time?

We get to develop smart software and flex our nerdy tech brains. We also get to wear T-shirts to work and we’re working on that whole telecommute-to-work-from-anywhere in the world thing.

Try us out.

Scott Hutchens, Flightsuit’s Founder and CEO

About the author:

Rachel Surgeoner is a travel enthusiast, lifestyle writer and good food & wine lover. Her quest for the world’s greatest sandwich has taken her from Berlin to Hoboken and beyond.